Mastering news!

Sweet Mary Jane – Winter in Paradise (AOR Heaven Jan 27)

Niva – Atmospherical (AOR Heaven Oct 28)

Overland – Contagious (Escape Oct 21)

Seven – Shattered  (Escape Music 23 September)

Chris Ousey – Dream Machine  (Escape Music 22 April)

Hellshaker – The Contract (Rambo/Gain 1 April)

Twins Crew – Veni Vidi Vici  (Beyond The Storm/Ulterium 26 February)

Lugnet – Lugnet  (Pride & Joy Music 15 January)


Electronics news!

REACTOR+ is now available. Similar to Reactor 16 but is switchable between 4-8-16 ohm.

DLX Deluxe Music AB is added as an authorized dealer. They also took stock of the new ATTENUATOR MKIV and SIM.

The first REACTOR 16 (Reactive Load/Speaker Simulator) units delivered to TheseGoTo11 and 4Sound.

The first ATTENUATOR MKIV unit is delivered to These Go To 11.




Mastering & Electronics