Some of the albums mastered over the years.

Backyard Babies – From Demos to Demons

Below – Upon a Pale Horse

Body Count – Murder 4 Hire

Candlemass (all remasters)

China Sky – II

Chris Ousey – Dream Machine

Covered Call – Impact

DIO – We Rock (Universal)

Docker’s Guild – The Mystic Technocracy

Edge of Forever – Feeding the Fire

Electric Boys (all remasters for Universal)

Hellshaker – The Contract

Johan Kihlberg’s Impera – Age of Discovery

Impera (all albums)

Lion’s Share (all remasters)

Lion’s Share – EP

Lugnet – Lugnet

Malison Rogue – Malison Rogue

Moonstone Project – Rebel On the Run

Naked – End Game

Nils Patrik Johansson – Evil Deluxe

Niva – Atmospherical

Overland – Contagious

Ozone – Self Defence

Radioactive – F4ur

Saidian – Evercircle

Seven – 7

Seven – Shattered

Steelwing – Reset, Reboot, Redeem

Sweet Mary Jane – Winter in Paradise

Talisman (all remasters for Universal)

Trouble – Simple Mind Condition

Twins Crew – Veni Vidi Vici

Vindictiv – World of Fear

Wasa Express (all remasters for Universal)

220Volt – Walking in Starlight






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